Saunton Sands Portal Open Tomorrow!!

That’s right, log jockeys, the entry portal for The Saunton Sands Longboard Classic 2023 is open at 10am on 10th June. It’s almost like we planned it.

The link will be found on our latest Insta story, on Facebook, the BLU website, Banksied on a wall in Braunton and can also be delivered to you on a scrap of paper via UberHEATS along with a pizza you really don’t need. But it is Friday and the surf still looks marginal, so party on. Get a double pepperoni 🍕.

But make sure you set the alarm, get up in the morning and sign up for unquestionably the most prestigious longboard contest we’re running in North Devon this month. You know it makes sense 🤙



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